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Payments are now easier than ever before!

1. Click the yellow Payment Link below.

2. Login to your account and follow the remaining steps starting at 3. If you don't have an account you will need to Create an Account by entering in your phone number, email and a password. Click Continue. Receive your verification code either by phone or email and enter that code on the next page. Now you should be directed back to the Login page. Login now that you have an account. 

3. Once you login your screen should say Bill Pay at the top. If it doesn't' try refreshing your page or go back and start over. Enter in your First and Last name, phone, email and storage unit number. NO LONGER NEEDING TO ENTER IN THE SS, B, CP or OP BEFORE THE UNIT NUMBER.

3. Click Next.

4. Click the units you wish to pay and then click on the Green Continue to Summary button. 

5. On the Payment Summary screen select if the rent is prepaid or not and to which month you want to pay to then click on the Green Continue to Payment button. 

6. Enter in your payment info and hit the Confirm and Pay button. Make sure you check the Save Card for Future use if you want to keep the card on file. 

7. Your payment will process and give you a receipt. 

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